What Is Metastock ?
Simply put, MetaStock is a charting software tool for traders to analyze the markets. It uses technical analysis to help traders take the guesswork out of trading by offering a methodical, systematic approach to selecting which securities to trade and when.

How Does Metastock Work ?
At the core of MetaStock are the PowerTools. The PowerTools give professional-grade analysis tools to private traders.

These tools have pre-built systems that you can use immediately to find pre-defined patterns in the stock market, or you can create a custom system designed to find a pattern that you have defined.

What’s New In Metastock 17 ? 

The Explorer:
Scans the market to filter and sort securities that show buy and sell signals based on your criteria.

The System Tester:
Tests most strategies through a process called backtesting which allows you to see how your strategy would have performed over time

The Expert Advisor:
Generates a buy or sell signal based on the criteria of the system you have selected.

Uses patent-pending technology to help you see a more clear picture of tomorrow and set more precise stops and profit targets

Who Use Metastock ?

MetaStock and MetaStock Pro were specifically designed for self-directed traders of all levels. Whether just starting out, or a seasoned trader, MetaStock has a solution for Day-Traders, Position Traders… and everything in between. Watch the video below to discover what the industry experts have to say about MetaStock.

Which Market can I Analyze ?

Our clients trade just about everything under the sun. MetaStock is perfect for analysing stocks, options, commodities, e-Minis, FOREX, futures and more.

Which Exchanges can I Analyze ?

From the NYSE to the FTSE to the Nikkei… you’d be hard pressed to find an exchange not covered by MetaStock. See the full list here: MetaStock D/C Exchanges, MetaStock R/T Exchanges

What is XENITH ?

XENITH is our latest real-time news, data, and analysis package. It is a professional level system which works hand in hand with MetaStock Pro to provide one of the most powerful trading analysis packages available to the private trader.

How Much Does it cost ?

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